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What’s included?  Each spice kit is pre-measured for 4 to 5 servings and contains whole spices, custom-blended ground spice mix, and step-by-step recipe.

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Will I be notified before my shipment is finalized?  You’ll receive an email at least 5 days before we finalize your subscription, listing the kits in your upcoming delivery and a cut-off date to make any changes.

How soon should the dishes be made? The spice kits are good for up to a year; however, we recommend cooking the dishes within 3 months for maximum flavor.


  • aloo gobi

    potato cauliflower curry

    In stock

  • baingan bharta

    roasted eggplant curry

    In stock

  • butter chicken

    tomato butter curry

    In stock

  • chana masala

    garbanzo bean curry

    In stock

  • chicken tikka masala

    tomato cream curry

    In stock

  • dal makhani

    black lentil dal

    In stock

  • kheema

    spiced ground meat

    In stock

  • mangalorean curry

    South Indian coconut curry

    In stock

  • rajma

    red kidney bean curry

    In stock

  • rogan josh

    Kashmiri meat stew

    In stock

  • saag paneer

    spinach & cheese curry

    In stock

  • vindaloo

    Goan pork curry

    In stock

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